Tuition is posted on the first day of each month according to your chosen Plan. A Late Fee of $20 will be posted to unpaid accounts on the 10th of each month. Full payment is due and expected for each semester. Each student registered for the Fall semester will automatically be enrolled in the Spring semester. Questions regarding your account should be directed to the studio manager, David Jackson.


Safety is of utmost concern to us all. Please escort young dancers from the car to and from the studio. Dancers waiting for a ride are asked to remain inside the glass front door until vehicle is in front of the door. Please have rides arrive on time. Parking is available in front of the studio but at peak times may be full. Please be considerate of others by not abandoning parked cars blocking another vehicle. Purses, jewelry and other valuables should not be left unattended in the dressing room, lobby or vehicle. American Academy of Dance will not be responsible for loss or theft. Lockers are available in the dressing room to use during class time only. Please provide your own lock, which must be removed after each class and the locker cleared for other student’s use.

Class Etiquette

Consistency and punctuality complement and enhance the overall learning experience. Tardiness is to be avoided as it disrupts the work and progress of others. Teachers reserve the right to dismiss any student for any reason, especially if he or she disrupts the class or is disrespectful.

Missed Classes

Please make-up missed classes before the end of the semester. Inquire at the studio for alternate class times. There is no refund for missed classes and they may not be accumulated and taken in lieu of tuition. Please call us if the student’s illness is serious or long term and will have an extended absence period! If a health condition exists which will prevent full participation please notify American Academy of Dance in writing.

Dropping Classes

If you wish to drop any classes during the semester, you are responsible for notifying the studio in writing. Written notice is expected for intent to drop any classes and must be received at least 1 month prior to drop date for any funds to be applied to the  students account. Please do not assume that the teacher or that AAD will assume that you have dropped.If a student drops all  classes, the last month of tuition paid at registration will be applied  if proper notice has been given. The Registration Fee must be paid again to re-enroll even if within the same semester or school year

Dress Code

Appropriate dress and shoes are expected for each style of class taken:

  • Pre-Ballet: Simple black leotard, pink tights, properly fitting pink ballet shoes with sewn elastic, and black tap shoes (replace tie ribbons with loop of elastic). No skirts at all, please.
  • Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, properly fitting pink ballet shoes with sewn elastic. No skirts at all, please.
  • Pointe: Properly fit pointe shoes are essential. Teacher’s approval of shoes is needed prior to sewing ribbons and elastic. Saturday pointe class students may wear colored leotards and pink tights.
  • Jazz/Hip-Hop: Solid black leotard, black or pink tights,black jazz pants, black jazz shoes. No baggy clothes. No midriff tops.
  • Tap: Solid black leotard, black or pink tights, black jazz pants, tap shoes. (Tap A – replace ribbon ties with loop of elastic).
  • Modern/Contemporary: Solid black leotard, black or pink footless tights, black jazz pants. No shoes required for Modern.
  • Male Students: Black or white t-shirt, black bike shorts, leggings or tights, socks, and black or white dance shoes.